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BUCS - Rugby Union Regulations Rugby Union Regulations BUCS 111Kb 14/08/2015
Derbyshire - Knockout Competition Rules Derbyshire - Knockout Competition Rules Derbyshire 181Kb 03/09/2014
Lincs. RFU - Competition Rules Lincolnshire RFU Competition Rules 2017 2018 Lincs RFU 186Kb 15/06/2017
NLD - Knockout Competition Rules NLD RFU Knockout Competition Rules NLD RFU 57Kb 17/06/2016
NLD - U13-U19 Competition Rules NLD U13-U19 Competition Rules NLD RFU 236Kb 14/09/2015
Pennnant - Competition Rules Nottinghamshire RFU Security Plus Pennnant - Competition Rules. Referees to take particular note of Rules 11.1 & 12 NLD RFU 29Kb 26/07/2017
NLDRFURS - AGM Minutes, 2016 Minutes of the 13th AGM held at Mansfield Rugby Club on April 26th 2016 NLDRFURS 93Kb 28/07/2016
NLDRFURS - Application Form for New Referees Please complete this form and return to the Membership Officer. NLDRFURS 99Kb 04/01/2014
NLDRFURS - AR Brief Assistant Referee Briefing NLDRFURS 189Kb 17/08/2015
NLDRFURS - Crib Sheet for new law numbers As of Jan 1 2018, some simplification of law numbering has taken place. THERE ARE NO CHANGES TO LAW. Use this sheet when filling out a Red Card Report Form to quote the correct Law Number. NLDRFURS 196Kb 04/01/2018
NLDRFURS - Disciplinary Form Form to be used following a Sending Off.
When completed, send to: the NLD Disciplinary Secretary remembering to attach the form to your email.
NLDRFURS 255Kb 22/08/2017
NLDRFURS - Disciplinary Report Guidelines How to write up a Disciplinary Report correctly NLDRFURS 141Kb 22/08/2017
NLDRFURS - ERRA (L2) Signoff Form Form to be used when signing off a new Referee as competent following 5 games for the Society NLDRFURS 36Kb 28/08/2017
NLDRFURS - Fixture Cancellations Protocol for abandoning a fixture NLDRFURS 124Kb 17/08/2015
NLDRFURS - Front Row Briefing Model Briefing for the Front Row NLDRFURS 154Kb 25/08/2016
NLDRFURS - Grading Policy NLDRFURS - Grading Policy showing how you can improve your grading NLDRFURS 93Kb 28/07/2016
NLDRFURS - Junior Variations The Variations applicable to Junior Rugby NLDRFURS 126Kb 17/08/2015
NLDRFURS - Master key components and descriptors Master key components and descriptors document NLDRFURS 15Kb 28/08/2017
NLDRFURS - Match Official Abuse Form Use this in the unlikely event you or your TJs are abused when officating. NLDRFURS 44Kb 22/08/2017
NLDRFURS - Personal Development Plan Strategy to assist you develop as a Referee. NLDRFURS 211Kb 12/10/2007
NLDRFURS - Post Match Self Analysis Form Post Match Self Analysis Form NLDRFURS 132Kb 17/08/2015
NLDRFURS - Referee "MOT" Form Form to be used when assessing any Referee requiring an "MOT" NLDRFURS 34Kb 28/08/2017
NLDRFURS - Referee "MOT" Guidance Guidance on completing the Referee "MOT" Form NLDRFURS 29Kb 01/09/2014
NLDRFURS - Referee Briefing Notes Referee Briefing Notes - aimed at referees at any level. NLDRFURS 123Kb 17/08/2015
NLDRFURS - Referee Briefing Notes Referee Briefing Notes - aimed at referees at Level 4 or above with team of 4 NLDRFURS 132Kb 17/08/2015
NLDRFURS - Safeguarding Safeguarding - advice for Referees, Coaches. Mentors & Assessors NLDRFURS 88Kb 22/08/2017
NLDRFURS - Schools Disciplinary Form This form is to be used when you have sent of a player in a Schools fixture. It should be immediately filled in and returned to the Coach. You should then complete a standard Sending Off Form (get this from here and send it to the School.) NLDRFURS 132Kb 01/09/2006
NLDRFURS - Scrum Engagment Procedure Guidance on the briefing and management of scrums following changes to the engagment procedure in the 2013-2014 Season NLDRFURS 164Kb 28/03/2014
NLDRFURS - Sin Bin Form Used to report players sent to the Sin Bin.

Only used in higher level games (Level 4 or above)
NLDRFURS 255Kb 10/09/2013
NLDRFURS - Standing Order for Ref Subscriptions For use by Referees who wish to pay their yearly subscriptions by standing order. NLDRFURS 63Kb 01/09/2006
NLDRFURS - Standing Order Form For use by Clubs who wish to pay for refereeing services by monthly standing order. NLDRFURS 20Kb 01/07/2006
NLDRFURS - Young Match Official Policy The NLDRFURS policy for recruitment, training, development and care of YMOs NLDRFURS 83Kb 14/02/2018
NLDRFURS -Committee Terms of Reference NLDRFURS Committee Terms of Reference NLDRFURS 158Kb 14/02/2018
NW Intermediate Leagues - Rules etc This website contains information, rules and regulations for the league that Hope Valley play in NLDRFURS 0Kb 29/10/2017
Nottinghamshire RFU - Knockout Competition Rules Rules for the following competitions: - Nottinghamshire RFU Senior Knockout Cup - Nottinghamshire RFU Intermediate Knockout Cup - Nottinghamshire RFU Junior Knockout Cup - Nottinghamshire RFU Junior Knockout Vase - Nottinghamshire RFU Ron Rossin Knockout Shield - Nottinghamshire RFU Senior Knockout Shield - Nottinghamshire RFU Intermediate Knockout Shield - Nottinghamshire RFU Junior Knockout Shield Notts RFU 131Kb 22/08/2017
RFU Key messages for the 2015-16 Season from the RFU & NLD CB RFU 113Kb 17/08/2015
RFU - Age Grade Regulations Age Grade Regulations - includes Mini & Junior Variations RFU 0Kb 02/10/2013
RFU - Coaching Solutions RFU Coaching Solutions Booklet RFU 254Kb 28/08/2017
RFU - Girls U15 - U18 Regulations Girls U15 - U18 Regulations RFU 51Kb 14/08/2015
RFU - Guidance on Periodic Summary Form Guidance on completing the Referee Coach Periodic Summary Form RFU 54Kb 01/09/2014
RFU - Guidance on Referee Coach Match Report Form Guidance on completing the Referee Coach Match Report Form RFU 16Kb 01/09/2014
RFU - Guidance on Young Player Restraint Guidance on physical intervention by the referee in a youth game. Please contact Trevor Sharpe if you need assistance with this. RFU 95Kb 16/11/2009
RFU - NatWest Schools Cup Regulations NatWest Schools Cup Regulations RFU 215Kb 14/08/2015
RFU - Referee Assessment Form Form to be used by Assessors to assess referees from another Society or referees from the NLD Development Squad RFU 164Kb 28/08/2017
RFU - Referee Coach Match Report Form Form to be used by Referee Coaches, on a per match basis, for ongoing records of observations, discussions, analysis of assessments, etc. during the season for the referee. RFU 65Kb 01/09/2014
RFU - Referee Coach Periodic Summary Referee Coach Periodic Summary form to be completed once or twice during season for the Grading Committee RFU 70Kb 01/09/2014
RFU - Replacements RFU Regulations on Replacements RFU 0Kb 14/08/2015
RFU - Safeguarding Policy Link to RFU Safeguarding Policy RFU 0Kb 22/08/2017
RFU - Serious Injury Reporting Serious Injury Reporting Form & Guidance Note RFU 99Kb 05/12/2016
RFU - Young Player Restraint Form Form to be completed following restraint of a Junior Player. Please contact Trevor Sharpe if you need assistance with this. RFU 103Kb 16/11/2009
World Rugby - Laws of Rugby Union Law Book on the World Rugby Website WorldRugby 0Kb 14/08/2015

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