NLDRFURS Equipment and Clothing

NLD Referees are internationally reknowned as a sartorially elegant group, and the Society provides them with a range of clothing which maintains this reputation both on and off the pitch.

Clothing and kit is sold on Training Evenings, but must be ordered in advance.

To obtain NLDRFURS Equiment & Clothing, please contact Nick Mudd and collect from him on Society Training Evenings.

It is ESSENTIAL that you order your kit in advance, preferably by the Friday preceding Training Evenings.




Referee Shirt S, M, L, XL, XXL £22.00
Polo Shirt S, M, L, XL, XXL £10.00
Shorts S, M, L, XL, XXL, Blue or Black £10.00
Socks Blue or Black £5.00
Society Ties £10.00
Kit Bags £20.00
Sweatshirts S, M, L, XL, XXL £15.00
Rain Tops S, M, L, XL, XXL £20.00
Fleeces S, M, L, XL, XXL £20.00
Towels £20.00
Badges £5.00
Umbrellas £20.00